9.6 Trillion And Climbing

Tracking The Annual Growth Of Text Messaging

9.6 trillion!

Take a moment to account for the sheer volume indicated by this figure.  9.6 trillion, in the plainest of terms, is huge.

So to what specific thing is the number 9.6 trillion associated to? Is it the deficit? Is it the number of grains of sand strewn along Venice Beach, or maybe the estimated number of ants across the world? Nope, a figure that large is somehow still not enough to cover for any one of those things, but what it can be associated to is the total number of text messages that were sent through mobile phones in just 2013 alone. Think about that for a second, there were more than 9.6 trillion text messages that were sent just last year. That’s a large number and even more blistered thumbs, but that figure should not come as any surprise to you, not with the way that text message has been assimilated into society over the years.

That’s an 85% increase from 8.2 trillion in 2012, when the number of text messages surpassed the number of voice calls for the first time ever.

Take just one more moment to think about just how often you have used the text message today. Did you use it just once, or maybe twice? Odds are that you used it more times than that, and you are not in the minority. These days, it’s easier to find people with their heads down texting their thumbs off than it is to see people having a phone conversation in the conventional sense. It speaks to the popularity of the text message that it is now more widely used than any other communication method aside from actual talking. People love to text, and it’s tough to fault them as well.

They are making use of the most efficient and most convenient communication method available to them, and those are just some of the reasons for why texting is so popular in the first place. Of course, text messages between friends don’t make up the entirety of that 9.6 trillion, as there are more and more texts being sent that possess a decidedly business-oriented tone.

The corporate world’s acceptance of the texting medium should not be met with any degree of surprise. It was in truth an inevitable road for texting to take, especially given its popularity, and there are billions of people from all over the world who will be very welcoming of an all-encompassing business texting system should companies truly choose to embrace them completely.

9.6 trillion is a number that only figures to go up when it comes to text messages that are being sent annually all over the world. The ubiquitous nature of the text message is more pronounced now than it has ever been, and that only figures to continue as the years pass.

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