SMART 800 #s

txtmeQuick enhanced messaging solution with text for 800 numbers

txtmeQuick Enhances The Capabilities Of Your Toll Free Numbers

txtmeQuick how we made text work for your business

Enterprise Grade

txtmeQuick’s Enterprise Enhance Messaging Platform is designed for high volume organizations. We have the capacity for an unlimited number of agents and our Call Center can field 240,000 unique texts or photos per minute. That’s unparalleled accessibility.

Reliable And Scalable

txtmeQuick’s patent pending technology provides a reliable and scalable solution to your internal and external communication needs. With a service level agreement of 99.99% uptime – we are the premier enhanced messaging carrier.

Built Secure

txtmeQuick’s security protocols protect against data loss by strictly adhering to corporate security policies. Our industry leading data breach prevention system allows clients to easily authenticate users, monitor usage, protect proprietary information, secure communications, enforce policies, and report infractions.

Enterprise Compliant

txtmeQuick fulfills the compliance standards of all applicable government and industry regulators. Security was paramount in the development of our Enterprise Enhanced Messaging Platform and our commitment to the safety of your data is unparalleled.

Customers are already texting businesses.

Has your company joined the conversation?

Add Enterprise Enhanced Messaging To Your 800 Numbers

Make Your Toll Free Numbers SMART

Improved Accessibility = Improved Business Efficiency

Your toll free numbers are a costly investment in antiquated technology – let txtmeQuick’s innovative platform introduce you to modern communications.

Our service and feature sets allow your business a way to stand out in the mobile economy by cutting costs, improving accessibility, strengthening client relationships and promoting your existing phone numbers.

Receive text messages from any mobile customers on your toll free numbers and respond from the same number. Build your brand around your toll free numbers while getting programmed into your customer’s mobile phone.

Dynamic Automated Intelligence

txtmeQuick’s patent pending Dynamic Automated Intelligence service allows for 20-60 percent of customer inquiries or transactions to be fully automated. Customizable to your business needs, this features mitigates the costs of live interactions.

Identity Validation

txtmeQuick’s Enterprise Enhance Messaging Platform features secure and automated identity validation levels. A layer of security designed to ensure that the right information gets to the right people.

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