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txtmeQuick makes YOUR lines SMART

txtmeQuick Is An Enterprise Enhanced Messaging® Platform

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txtmeQuick - How business text would work for you?


We Empower Your Existing Phone Numbers

The same numbers that you have used for years. The numbers you have promoted, advertised and published in thousands of directories and phone books – txtmeQuick will make those numbers SMART.

Our Enterprise Enhanced Messaging platform, combined with your newly SMART phone line, will allow you to interact with your customers in a format they prefer. You will be able to send and receive text or photos, auto-translate messages, store contacts, inform customers, automate replies, create group texts and much more.

All without ever disrupting your current phone services!


Check your phone number’s IQ?

Check to see if your existing phone number qualifies to be SMART. If you qualify, you will be able to send and receive messages from the number you already promote!

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Enterprise Enhanced Messaging® For Your Phone Numbers

 Why would anyone make their phones more complicated by adding text?

 Because it is good for business!

Text messaging strengthens existing relationships and eliminates barriers to potential customers. Its a method that Fortune 500 companies have recognized as efficient and essential.

txtmeQuick enables organizations to communicate via text. This competitive advantage promotes customer satisfaction while improving efficiency of internal business processes. Feature sets such as photo text, video text, auto-translation or artificial intelligence add the clarity that voice communications often lack.

Clear and quick communication will attract customers, reduce costs, and increase loyalty.


txtmeQuick - Where do I receive my business text messages? (It's Simple)


Designed For Simplicity

Start today and have text capability tomorrow – it’s that simple. No replacement phone system, no additional hardware, no software installations, no modification to your existing phone service provider. Enterprise Enhanced Messaging can be added to existing landlines, 800 or toll-free numbers, VoIP or POTS lines.

Upgrade your phone line today!

Fortune 500 companies have adapted fastest because they recognize that this communication enhancement will not only increase sales and reduce costs, it will also improve customer experience and loyalty.

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txtmeQuick 60 day customer guarantee

Enhanced Messaging for business, levels the playing field by providing access to the most ubiquitous communication channel. The same channel accessible to over 300 million mobile users. Sign up today and reap the benefits now.

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