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We believe better communication is the foundation for better business

Consumers have recently become more vocal regarding their dissatisfaction with confusing phone trees, long hold times, and disruptive agent transfers.

Those consumer sentiments have become very costly, resulting in once loyal customers leaving for competition and shoppers abandoning their purchases.

txtmeQuick was founded to improve the experiences of both consumers and organizations.

txtmeQuick History

Ray thought there must be a better way

txtmeQuick was originally established in 2010 as GFTL, LLC after our President, Ray Bolouri, recognized that institutional communication methods were costly and restrictive. Ray put a team together in order to solve those problems by building a platform that would allow organizations to efficiently communicate on the medium that people prefer: text message.

Over the next 18 months, Ray and his team developed the proprietary technologies that would enable organizations to upgrade their existing phone numbers with Enterprise Enhanced Messaging® – the ability to send and receive all types of text and multimedia messages: texts, photo texts, video texts, facsimiles, and more. Ray then assembled an international network which could support this revolutionizing platform.

The network and platform were tested, modified, and re-tested, until they met the high standards of HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, SOX security protocol matching, and carrier grade service auditing. Then, on January 14, 2013, txtmeQuick proudly opened the door to clients by debuting its services following the 2013 CES convention in Las Vegas. And in January of 2014 the company officially changed ownership and has been operating as txtmeQuick.com LLC ever since.

Soon after txtmeQuick’s debut, Fortune 500 companies, such as PF Changs, Lincoln Properties, and Pool Corp., recognized its value. For many organizations mobile communication was becoming a primary means of nurturing relationships and conducting transactions. Yet, when these organizations relied on mobile applications, they inadvertently excluded the majority of the market – the people who either would not, or technologically could not, download the specific application. Early adopters realized that txtmeQuick was able to significantly improve accessibility by providing a mobile platform that was unrestricted by downloads, carrier plans, hardware, or software.

As txtmeQuick expands, more and more businesses and organizations are discovering the benefits of its platform – they are discovering that its unparalleled accessibility easily translates to positive interactions, repeat business, and growing profits. The focus on mobile applications is slowly being superseded by a more practical focus on the most ubiquitous of mobile communications – the text message.

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