Benefits & ROI

Upgrading your phone lines with Enterprise Enhanced Messaging has benefits in a wide array of industries. The applications and benefits are numerous as Enterprise Enhanced Messaging as the basis for modern communication affects the foundation of customer to business relationships.

Browse the use-cases below and then contact us for a personal assessment:

Retail and Wholesale Sectors

Auto - Dealerships

Benefit: Maintain Brand Consistency

Use Case: Allow employees to move the conversation to a personal platform, their mobile phones, without leaving your business’ proprietary phone system.  Using your phone number keeps the brand consistent and allows your sales managers to track conversations for patterns and efficiencies.

Auto - Parts Sales

Benefit: Reduce Miscommunications

Use Case: Spend less time trying to identify the correct parts or vehicle models and more time with customers by using txtPhotos – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Distributors - Equipment

Benefit: Streamline Fleet Tracking

Use Case: Keep your company running smoothly by giving your customers real time delivery updates and keeping your drivers on track.

Distributors - Parts

Benefit: Reduced Operational Costs

Use Case: Give customers access to real time quotes, while also using txtPhoto to expedite cutting the time it takes to get it to them by using txtPhoto.

Retail - Clothing

Benefit: Sales Growth

Use Case: Publicize special promotions and respond to clients queries with images of items in stock or on sale.

Retail - Electronics

Benefit: More Sales Conversions

Use Case: Keep customers engaged by eliminating hold times while you search inventories.

Retail - Furniture

Benefit: Better Customer Engagement = Increased Customer Satisfaction

Use Case: Customers looking for furniture are usually looking for items in particular dimensions, color and design. Let them send you txtPhotos of what they had in mind and send them pictures back of what you have in stock.

Retail - Goods

Benefit: Increased Revenues

Use Case: Many times customers left to wait on hold looking for a particular item you may carry hang up and call your nearest competitor. Next time, let them text you so that they `can be heard and your store can reap the benefits of increased revenues.

Retail - National Chains

Benefit: Greater Customer Loyalty

Use Case: Automate query responses that direct customers to the nearest store that has the desired item in stock

Service Industries

Auto - Service & Repair

Benefit: Manage Appointment Scheduling

Use Case: Sending out appointment reminders to clients 24-72 hours in advance of their appointments reduces no shows, and our 2 way text messaging platform allows for rescheduling in the event of a conflict.

Beauty & Skincare

Benefit: Target Marketing to Increase Sales Instantly

Use Case: Send promotions to a subset of your clients based on specials you know they prefer and get instant appointments.

Cable & Television

Benefit: Retain Customers

Use Case: Resolving issues conveniently via text message can ease the frustration of customers that are considering services with the competition.

Child Care

Benefit: Direct Contact

Use Case: Text messaging allows guardians to communicate quickly and discretely.

Health & Fitness

Benefit: Strengthen Relationships

Use Case: Retain your brand, while allowing personal trainers to be personal. Routing texts through your businesses main line allows client conversations and trends to be monitored.

Insurance - Health

Benefit: Reduced Customer Service Costs

Use Case: Use our Artificial Intelligence to allow patients to set up appointments seamlessly via text. This will free your call center operators to deal with more complex issues.

Insurance - Life

Benefit: Strengthen Relationships

Use Case: Eliminate hold times to allow resellers immediate access to quotes and customer service agents.

Insurance - Property & Casualty

Benefit: Increase Efficiency

Use Case: Sending pictures via text provides the clarity that may not e expressed in voice calls.

Logistics - Dispatch & Delivery

Benefit: Proactive Dispatch and Delivery Solutions

Use Case: Get real time text alerts when delivery tasks have been completed by your drivers so that dispatch remains as proactive as possible.

Logistics - Tracking & Updates

Benefit: Real Time Logistics Tracking

Use Case: Control and manage your drivers workflow by monitoring routes in real time using GPS tracking solutions.

Rental - Automobile

Benefit: Strengthen Relationships

Use Case: Allowing consumers to request rental cars, report issues or seek instructions via text while on the go will appeal to your client’s busy lifestyle, and the historical conversation log will mitigate communication errors.

Rental - Commercial Equipment

Benefit:  Increases Equipment Rentals

Use Case: Ease of access and rapid responses will create repeat business from satisfied customers.

Self Storage

Benefit: Payment Reminders

Use Case: 94% of all text messages are read within the first five minutes and with the click of a mouse your payment reminders can be texted to specific individuals or an entire database.


Benefit: Emergency Notification

Use Case: Broadcast a single message to all customers in the event of an emergency.


Benefit: Improved Accessibility

Use Case: You advertise your number on your signs to entice customers who are local to call when they need your services. Becoming text capable allows for your customers an added convenience to reach out.

Utilities & Energy

Benefit: Enhanced Employee Communication Saves You Money

Use Case: On site photos provide valuable field information to off-site managers and experts.

Construction, Contractors, Real Estate

Construction Services

Benefit: Greater Customer Loyalty

Use Case: An ongoing text log allows clients to track progress without the burden of regular phone calls.

Contractor - Electrical

Benefit: Enhanced Employee Communications

Use Case: Your electrician is on the job site and needs help. On site photos provide valuable field information to off-site managers and experts. He spends minutes fixing the problem instead of hours.

Contractor - Heating & Air Conditioning

Benefit: Employee Time Management Solutions

Use Case: Real time GPS Tracking allows you to dispatch employees to geographically appropriate jobs.

Contractor - Plumbing

Benefit: Expedited Emergency Resolution

Use Case: There is nothing worse than your sink backing up let alone when you have a huge holiday party coming in 2 hours. Connect customers automatically and instantaneously to plumbers working holidays for expedited service requests during emergencies and holidays while monitoring all conversations taking place during or after the calls.

Contractor - Landscaping

Benefit: Clearer Communication

Use Case: Allow customers to convey design ideas through photo messaging.

Real Estate - Residential - Sales

Benefit: Improved Client Relations

Use Case: Transition from voice to text without leaving your firm’s proprietary phone line.

Real Estate - Residential - Management

Benefit: Reduce Operating Costs

Use Case: Allow your tenants to engage with you quickly and conveniently about maintenance issues before minor issues become major headaches.

Real Estate - Commercial - Leasing

Benefit: Reduce Commercial Vacancies by Qualifying Prospective Tenants

Use Case: Qualify prospective tenants by making basic information about the premises available to persons looking to lease commercial spaces automatically using artificial intelligence mechanisms.

RE Services - Facilities Management

Benefit: Reduced Labor Costs

Use Case: Use photo texts of maintenance issues to expedite evaluations and manage the deployment of resources.

RE Services - Home Owner Associations

Benefit: Improved Internal Communications

Use Case: Allow members to quickly and conveniently convey property upkeep issues.

Consulting, Professional Services

Accounting Firms

Benefit: Compliance Monitoring

Use Case: Move employee-client text messaging from their personal lines to the firm’s proprietary lines.

Business Consulting

Benefit: Improved Client Relations

Use Case: Your business consulting clients expect a personal relationship with their consultants. Give it to them with txtmeQuick while maintaining your firm’s image and brand.

Law Firms

Benefit: Event and Payment Reminders (if everything in life could be so easy : )

Use Case: Does your client need to be reminded to provide a set of documents or sent a gentle payment reminder. Now you can do this with two dozen keystrokes and one touch of a button.

Did you know: 74% of your office receptionist’s phone conversations are made up of less than 26 English words.

Technology - Consulting

Benefit: Be Ahead of the Technological Curve

Use Case: Let clients connect to you in the most technologically advanced means available and in doing so you will also become more accessible. Did you know that people aged 18-44 prefer texting to phone calls?

Technology - Development

Benefit: Unique Product Features

Use Case: Build custom applications and add-ons using our API

Food Service and Hospitality Sectors

Food - Distributors

Benefit: Improved Communications

Use Case:Allow customers to quickly and conveniently adjust orders on a recorded platform. Having documentation of the change in writing helps to reduce costly miscommunications.

Fast Food

Benefit: Increased Revenues

Use Case: Imagine your customers being able to text their order in, pay for it and be alerted when it is ready for pick up without ever stepping foot in a line. Happy customers and more orders per second means more revenues.


Benefit: Be the Go to Place for Take-out and /or Delivery in your neighborhood

Use Case: Do you have customers that always order the same thing almost every time they order Give those and others the ability to order by text and eliminate lengthy hold times and having to repeat themselves.


Benefit: Increased Usage Rate

Use Case: Speak your clients language both figuratively and literally by allowing patrons to communicate requests over the channel they prefer and in their native language. Did you know we have an auto translation feature which can translate in 21 different languages?

Medical and Healthcare Sector

Doctors - Specialists

Benefit: Doctors – Spend More Time with Patients and Less Time on the Phone

Use Case: Increase workflow efficiency by allowing customers to contact your office quickly and conveniently via text messaging.

Doctors - Optometrists

Benefit: Increased Sales

Use Case: Coordinate automatic reminders for scheduling routine check-ups or reordering corrective supplies.

Doctors - Dentists

Benefit: Get New Patients

Use Case: Everyone is looking for a good dentist. Market to your most loyal clients with referral based incentive programs.

Drug Manufacturers

Benefit: Centralize Public Relations Centers and Reduce Costs

Use Case: Auto translation allows the public to ask questions in their native tongue and your customer service representatives to get the message in the language of choice, thus reducing costs by centralizing resources.


Benefit: Keep your Doctors, Nurses and Patients Happy with a Seamless Communication System

Use Case: Our telecommunications solution for hospitals lets Doctors spend more time with their patients and less time with patient related administrative tasks by properly routing patient concerns to the correct department.

Medical Supply Companies

Benefit: Create End to End Supply Chain Visibility

Use Case: Ensure proper use of your medical devices by giving healthcare providers across the globe immediate access to automated responses to commonly asked questions as well as questions which require the attention of an agent via text.


Benefit: Enhance Patient Experience

Use Case: Text your patients when their prescriptions are ready to reduce or eliminate wait times.

Financial Services


Benefit: Improved Customer Service

Use Case: Allow clients to access information about their accounts and complete routine tasks via text message.

Credit Card - Processors

Benefit: New Sales Channels

Use Case: Process credit purchases over an easily accessed mobile system.

Credit Card - Issuers

Benefit: Improved Accessibility

Use Case: Let prospective borrowers apply over the phone via a txtApplication.

Financial Service Consulting

Benefit: Improved Communications

Use Case: Reduce miscommunications and enforce compliance policies by communicating via text message.

Loans - Auto

Benefit: Increased Conversion Rates

Use Case: Let prospective customers be alerted as they move through the auto loan process.

Loans - Mortgages

Benefit: More Qualified Buyers

Use Case: Make it convenient for home buyers to do business with you by letting them apply for a home loan through txtApplication.

Government, Non-Profits and Public Sectors

Associations - Events

Benefit: Increase Event Attendance

Use Case: Send txtInvites to your members and encourage them to forward to friends who may also be interested in attending the event. Two way text conversations allows members to get answers to questions that may influence theirs or their friends decision to attend.

Associations - Member Registeration

Benefit: Increase Member Registration

Use Case: Make it easy to register to become a member or after an event by sending a txtRegistration to people who are interested in becoming members of your association.

Associations - Member Updates

Benefit: Increase Member Involvement

Use Case: Group txtBroadcast, keeps members abreast of association news and updates, which allows your members to be proactive in its initiatives and keep lines of communication open and flowing amongst members.

Chambers of Commerce

Benefit: Improved Communications

Use Case: Send members alerts regarding upcoming meets, dues, or community events.

Education - Schools

Benefit: Stop Bullying

Use Case: Let students disclose real time occurrences of bullying discreetly and quickly by text messaging so that harassment can stop as soon as possible.

Education - Universities & Higher Education

Benefit: A Safer Campus

Use Case: Notify faculty and students of emergency situations via a platform that is more practical than a phone call and more accessible than an email.

Non-Profits - Donations

Benefit: Increase Donations Significantly

Use Case: Allowing attendees to donate conveniently and quickly to your already existing number in any amount they want increases the likelihood and the amount of donations coming in for the cause.

Non-Profits - Volunteer Drives

Benefit: Volunteer Coordination and Organization

Use Case:Use group messaging to provide coordinating instructions to a group of volunteers.

Gov. County - Animal Control

Benefit: Save Time and Reduce Costs

Use Case: Track and monitor sightings of animals in order to reduce the amount of time needed to regain control of the situation.

Gov. County - Non-Emergency Police

Benefit: Report Suspicious Activity

Use Case: Many times citizens will not report activity they see as suspicious for fear of wasting the police department’s time. Enabling your non-emergency line to become text capable allows citizens to report activity discreetly and anonymously. Two way dialogue qualifies whether or not the activity reports should be acted on.

Gov. State - Child Protective Services

Benefit: Instant Amber Alerts to Entire Communities

Use Case: Alert the citizens of communities when a child is in danger by using txtPhoto.

Gov. State - Corporation Commissions

Benefit: Collect Fees and Penalties

Use Case: Get in touch with business owners to get needed documentation in order and to collect fees for registrations that owners may be unaware of owing.

Federal - DHS Suspicious Activity Report

Benefit: Reduce Terrorist Activities Before they Happen

Use Case: DHS Suspicious Activity Reports aid in stopping terrorist activities before they happen. txtmeQuick makes sending these reports easy and does it in real time so that investigators and the like can act on the reports before it is too late.

Federal - Social Security Administration

Benefit: Increase Collection Efforts

Use Case: Let business owners know when they are being penalized and for what so that issues can be resolved in a more timely fashion.

Federal - Department of Homeland Security

Benefit: Improved Communications

Use Case: Allow citizens to report suspicious activity over a quick and silent platform.

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