Texting Takes Over for Email

Texting Takes Over for Email

When I log on to the computer, I always make a point of checking my email to learn of any news that I may have missed. I check my account to see emails that I may have received from my family, my friends, and my colleagues. One thing I’ve noticed however, is that email is not as popular as it used to be. Remember the days when people exchanged emails all the time? Well, those days seem to be long gone. You’re much more likely to see people adding each other on Facebook than you are to see them exchanging emails, but those social networking websites really aren’t the ones that have taken the place of email accounts. What’s effectively taken their place instead is the text message, and they have really begun to become more widespread these last few years.

The text message is the mobile industry’s response to society’s constant call for convenience, and the text message truly is nothing if not convenient. It’s easy to send, requiring very little effort to do so, and the fact that it can be sent to multiple people at the same time is just another bonus. Those characteristics sound suspiciously similar to the email, but there’s one big difference. Sending an email requires you to login to your account before you can compose and then send a message. A text message however, just requires you to bring up the feature on your phone and you can send your message right away. It’s that little bit of difference that makes the text message the more convenient option and also why more people are starting to use it as opposed to emails.

It makes sense for texting to take the place of the email. It is the undoubtedly more convenient option available, and with more people using texting than they do emails, it really does make more sense to move towards it as the main mode of mobile communication. The email is going to stick around because it is necessary to the online environment but texting has clearly usurped its role within the tech-oriented community.

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