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Phone calls have been around for over 120 years - texting is innovative, cool, convenient and engaging. It is rapidly becoming the preferred platform amongst consumers - don't let your organization be left out of conversations.

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See how organizations are using txtmeQuick’s Enterprise Enhanced Messaging® Platform to generate more revenues, improve efficiency, and strengthen client relationships.

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You may have received a notice from LifeLock that your account on our site may have been compromised.

That information is ERRONEOUS and our team has already informed LifeLock of that error.

LifeLock had made an error if they had represented that ‘any’ individual may have had an account on our system or if any personal information may have been stored by our system because we do not accept nor do we service any individual accounts.

You should contact LifeLock and ask them for further clarification and correction.

The phone number for LifeLock is:  (800) 543-3562  or you may visit their site:

We do not service consumer accounts and we do not save or maintain ANY consumer accounts information on our site.

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