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txtmeQuick Is An Enterprise Enhanced Messaging® Platform

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We Streamline Parental Engagements

It is not easy to get the attention of busy parents. Distracted by their daily events in their lives it can be difficult to get them to pay attention to some of the things that are most important in their life, such as how well their child is doing in school.

On the other hand, as a staff member or a teacher, you may feel overstretched and limited in the amount of time and effort it may take to engage these parents to help their own child do better.

txtmeQuick has created a platform where it makes the connection between you and the parent quick, convenient and very efficient.  It puts you in control and makes what seemed to be impossible, possible.

Best of all it has proven to be the most effective method to connect and engage parents, no matter how unavailable they may seem, by reaching them wherever they are and getting their attention. Because we all carry our cellphone in our pockets at all times, everyday, now there is way to get your message across quickly to the parents.  And given that 94% of text messages are read within 5 minutes vs. hours, days, or even weeks as compared to emails and voicemails, now there is a real solution to the parental engagement model.

Parental engagement always start with connecting with parents first. Without a method to connect and communicate what is necessary, there could never be a solid engagement possible.  That is where most models fail.

txtmeQuick makes that possible and empowers you to make a real difference in a child’s life, all without feeling over worked.  txtmeQuick enables you to engage parents in seconds where it used to take you hours.

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txtmeQuick enables you to create a positive impact on every child's life


We Leverage Modern Technologies

txtmeQuick is the first and (thus far) the only company that can enable your schools to receive incoming text messages, but also our proprietary artificial intelligence engine does all the foot work for you by preparing, organizing, sorting, filing, reminding and more … so you can do an overwhelming amount in seconds or minutes a day.

Our Enterprise Enhanced Messaging platform, combined with SMART phone line technology, will allow you to interact with parents and other stakeholders in a format they prefer. You will be able to send and receive texts, auto-translate messages for cases where language maybe a barrier, store contacts, inform parents, automate replies, create group texts and much more.

All with zero impact on your current phone services!



Designed For Simplicity

Start today and have text capability tomorrow – it’s that simple. No replacement phone system, no additional hardware, no software installations, no modification to your existing phone service provider. Enterprise Enhanced Messaging can be added to existing landlines, 800 or toll-free numbers, VoIP or POTS lines.


txtmeQuick - Where do I receive my business text messages? (It's Simple)

Enterprise Enhanced Messaging® For Your Phone Numbers

 Why would anyone make their phones more complicated by adding text?

 Because it is good for the schools, parents and students!

Text messaging strengthens existing relationships and eliminates barriers to potential engagements. Its a method that schools have recognized as efficient and essential.

txtmeQuick enables schools to communicate via text. This advantage promotes parental engagements and satisfaction while improving efficiency of staff, resources and processes. Feature sets such as auto responders, auto-translation and artificial intelligence add the clarity that voice communications often lack.

Clear and quick communication will engage parents, reduce staff time, and help enhance the child’s education.

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Trusted by over a dozen Fortune 500 companies, txtmeQuick has been helping to create better engagements with over a 100,000 individuals already.  txtmeQuick can help you and your school to connect with parents easily and engage them in ways never before possible.

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