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See how companies are using txtmeQuick’s Enhanced Messaging Platform to generate more revenues, create more process harmony with their customers while improving efficiency.

Automotive Sector

With 48% of GDP attributed to generations Y & Z. Text is a business every dealer should speak for Sales & Service.

Auto Sales: Better traction, improved conversions

Cause: An auto dealer is having trouble communicating with today’s younger generation and wants to increase the dealers accessibility to this audience. After seeing a decline in email and phone call success, Text Messaging was the only logical solution for this age group.

Effect: The Dealer’s marketing initiatives, and online and offline directories are changed to read Call or txtmeQuick for Sales Assistance. This simple change makes it easier for people to reach out and begin discreet and anonymous dialogue and ask simple questions about inventory availability, warranty or service offerings. The buyer’s request for information is satisfied the way they want, and creating a simple text conversation leads to showroom visits, extended phone calls and ultimately sales.

Auto Service & Repair: Service reminders

Cause: An auto dealer wants to increase repeat clients in its service business. To do so, they need to stay front and center with their customers and make sure communication and scheduling is easy, discreet and convenient for both the client and the dealer.

Effect: Service decals on the vehicle windows display the mileage so a customer knows when to return for service. This decal is modified to read Call or txtmeQuick for Service. The decals simple convenience and subliminal reinforcement of this text ability leads to convenient and discreet engagement for service. The Dealer uses txtReminders to set up appointments with individual clients and txtBroadcast to blast specials to their opt-in client list, with the added ability to continue conversing via text with any client expressing immediate interest.

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Retail Companies

Call Center and Customer Service burdens can be easily remedied by integrating data with your Text.

Parts Catalog: Check item detail and availability

Cause: A leading Catalog company with over 100,000 SKU’s is overburdened by common questions about product availability, price and the available colors. Of the 4000 calls received per week, 30% are related to these topics. The only option to handle this volume of calls and maintain quality service is to hire more people.

Effect: Through the txtmeQuick Artificial Intelligence (txtAI) engine the Catalog Company automates these requests for information to eliminate 1500 calls from the Call Center, providing improved efficiency and greater ability to do more with less. The cost savings, time and efficiency gained produce a significant return on investment in a relatively short period of time.

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Real Estate & Property Management

Whether its Sales, Lease or Management, properties become more effective with Text.

RE Sales/Lease: Comprehensive sales or leasing info

Cause: A publicly traded residential property management firm had difficulty communicating with many different ethnicities in their communities. The language barrier faced in sales and tenant management produces deficiencies in servicing diverse prospects and clients which greatly affects their online reputation.

Effect: Auto-Translation Services enable the firm’s properties to speak in 21 different languages, breaking the barrier in sales communications and tenant services. Signage and banners read Call or txtmeQuick for Sale or Lease to produce an increase in multi-lingual prospect dialogue. Tenants are informed of the opportunity to Text, including PhotoTxt and VideoTxt for maintenance and security concerns. Messages to management are promptly responded to and meaningful dialogue resolves many issues.

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Retail Service Sector

When clients don’t return your calls, Text messages are acted upon in 4 minutes or less.

Rental Services: Payment reminders and collection notices

Cause: A leading retail furniture store has difficulty collecting past due payments from clients. They continue the email and phone call collecting routine, but past due conversions rarely improve.

Effect: Text is the only vehicle available that 92% of mobile phone users utilize in their personal lives. An inherently discreet and to-the-point means of communicating. When clients don’t respond to emails or calls, txtmeQuick opens the lines of communication leading to a higher resolution of past dues.

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Raise more awareness, raise more funds. Make more off your efforts.

Donations: Built around own brand/name

Cause: A multi-national non-profit wants to grow its fundraising initiatives and communicate better with their supporters and volunteers. They require a younger and wider demographic, as well as a means to capture more impulse donations from campaigns and events where their audience is mobile.

Effect: The same phone number the non-profit promotes globally becomes txtCapable for communication and transaction purposes. Marketing messages and signage are modified to say Call or txtmeQuick to Make a Donation Now. One-text availability and ease-of -use captures the moment and produces an increase in revenues, partly attributable to the increase in event participation.

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Education Sector

Students Text all day every day. It’s the School that needs to get in on the conversation.

Higher Education: Student safety

Cause: A major University realizes that email and phone communication with its students is completely ineffective. They need to communicate the way today’s generations communicate, by Text Message, but all forms of text messaging available are only one-way push of information.

Effect: The Student Services phone line is made txtCapable, including PhotoTxt and VideoTxt features. Notification of this text capability is broadcast to the student population for help, information, maintenance and security matters on campus. Text is quick, convenient and discreet for students, leading to greater student involvement and an improvement in campus communication and coordination.

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Medical & Healthcare

Text reminders are great, but what if that Text could become a conversation.

Doctor Visits: Mitigate missed appointments

Cause: Many Doctors are fluent in the use of Text Messaging for appointment reminders but feel there is something missing. While Text Messages can be sent out, what is missing is dialogue in return. Scheduling isn’t as easy as Reply with Y to confirm or N to reschedule.

Effect: The Doctors office phone number is txtCapable and able to receive requests for appointment, send reminders and engage in two-way coordination with those who have to reschedule. By forming this two-way text bond, patients also engage the Doctor first for help and information as opposed to going to a 24 hour competing providers, leading to an increase in revenues and greater patient loyalty.

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Transportation & Logistics

When the hype of Apps fades, transportation companies will realize the consumer just wants to Text.

Taxi - Fleets: Call or txtmeQuick 1-800-GET-TAXI

Cause: A TaxiCo wants to make its services accessible and visible to the mobile market.

Effect: While it seems everyone is developing their own App for this purpose, there is an underlying technology that 92% of mobile phone users do today, Text. You don’t need an App to Text. TaxiCo becomes txtCapable, modifies marketing and car graphics to say Call or txtmeQuick at 1-800-GET-Taxi and customers are immediately available to do business by true two-way text, directly with dispatch. Integration with current dispatch software occurs after the service pays for itself.

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Customer Service

Servicing a client from beginning to end can all begin with one simple Text.

Service request: Quick and easy way to manage requests

Cause: A truck parts and service company wants to become a bigger resource on the road `to the trucking community they service in order to grow market penetration and loyalty. Because they provide the parts and perform the service, they are in a unique position to service clients from beginning to end.

Effect: The main Customer Service numbers as well as the individual service locations become txtCapable, including PhotoTxt and VideoTxt features. Marketing campaigns inform truckers to text for assistance when having problems with their vehicle and even send a picture or video for greater clarity of the part or problem in question. When time counts and down time hurts, Text enables responsiveness to be well coordinated and accurate.

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