Your 800 Numbers On Steroids

800#s were created by companies to eliminate the monetary burden of long distance for its customers. Customers did not feel they should pay a fee for a service they had or were already paying for. In today’s culture, time is money, and with long distance issues being obsolete to most of today’s mobile consumers because of free long distance, 800#s have evolved to become a part of a bigger solution, built with traffic and efficiency in mind.

This solution, though, has become the antithesis of why it was created in the first place, burgeoning the call centers with high call volumes which is expensive and making customers down right irate. Calling is inconvenient and it wastes your customer’s time and money, aggravating them with endless voice prompts and hold times which sanction them to the confines of a quiet place, where one can do nothing but wait for their service provider to give them the attention they deserve. Those calls add up to real dollars and cents for your company as well. Making your line text capable allows your agents to have three to five text conversations in the same amount of time it takes to have one phone conversation.

Today’s call centers are inefficient and ineffective at best. Change all that by allowing your customers to engage on their terms. Engaging with a business via and 800# does not have to be aggravating and a waste of time for your customers and your agents. Make your 800#s text capable and reduce your costs while enhancing customer experience.

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