Do More With Your EXISTING Phone Numbers

Sending and Receiving text messages from your customers and prospective customers is fun and easy. After you register your number, your phone line will become SMART the very same day. So, when customers are looking for something that you may have they can text you using the same number found on online and offline directories.

Your text messages will be received using a web based text console. The console requires no external hardware, software or downloads. You just login and are ready to start texting your customers. Add additional features like photo text and video text to connect and engage more.

Letting your customers know that you can now receive text messages to the same number they usually call is easy. txtBroadcast allows you to create and manage groups of any size. Text all of your clients at once to let them know the good news. We at txtmeQuick make customer engagements easy, quick and meaningful. Our basic premise: Increase Your Reach AND Your Accessibility = Success + Customer Loyalty

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