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An antithesis Of English language (debunking the myth )

It is the year 2013, and if you are reading this article through a computer, then you must have at least sent one text message in your lifetime. It’s a mortal lock seeing as how being able to text has seemingly become a prerequisite of residing in this day and age. It’s difficult to truly make the argument that texting has been anything but positive to the world at large. It’s an efficient medium of communication that gets a message from one place to another very quickly. That’s ideal from the perspective of communication, but opponents of texting are quick to say that it is also corrupting the English language.

The English language has been around for centuries. It was spoken during the time of Shakespeare, and it has undergone numerous transformations and alterations throughout the course of its existence. Texting on the other hand has been around for just a little over two decades, and yet the two are seemingly inseparable these days. When people talk about texting, it’s almost inevitable for the conversation to turn towards its supposedly negative effects on the way that people use the English language. The reason for this being the case is because people adapt a different writing pattern whenever they text. Instead of using the conventional English that is taught to them at schools, they begin to use acronyms that were born out of the texting craze and other written codes that would be foreign to anyone who does not spend hours typing away at their phones, but is this really enough to corrupt the English language that has been established for centuries? The answer to that question may be found in the ways that texting is being utilized in society.

The most damning piece of evidence that can be leveled against texting being the corrupter of the language is the fact that even companies are now starting to use it in their organizations. Corporations are known for being very picky with the systems that they implement within their organizations so the fact that they are making use of business texting is a huge endorsement for that very communication method. It speaks to the fact that texting can indeed be done in a formal way, and that there can indeed be eloquence that exists in the way that people send messages. Texting is in reality just another incarnation of the way that the English language is presented, and it is far from being the corrupter that it is being made out to be.

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