Business Benefits


Financials : Fraud Prevention

Usage: When a person’s credit card is suspected of Fraud, an automated text message can be sent to the mobile user asking them if they authorized the transaction in question.

ROI: The mobile users credit card will not be turned off causing inevitable embarrassment when travelling and will reduce the cost of customer service agents by using artificial intelligence to screen for fraud.

Medical : Increased Routine Visits

Usage: By sending out specials on certain services to niche groups, i.e. children’s 6 month routine dental cleaning and referral programs for friends, increase # of appointments immediately.

ROI: Because 98% of text messages are read and responded to in the first 2 minutes after receiving, you will see immediate results that will pay for 1 month’s subscription to services in the first two minutes.



Education : Student Safety

Usage: Allow students to discretely report malicious attacks to them and others on campus by texting instead of making a call that could be heard by burglars, attackers and muggers nearby.

ROI: Reduce Campus Crime and Increase Your Reputation and Let Students Focus on their studies instead of worrying about Campus Crime.

Contractors : Dispatch & Job Site Communication

Usage: Track employees on the job and allow them to communicate with you on site rendering information unavailable otherwise. Prices, technical questions made clearer by use of photo texting and part availability on site and on demand will empower employees to get the job done quicker and you to get paid faster.

ROI: Inter-organizational logistics will save your company time and money by increasing efficiency on the inside, while providing employees a discreet and convenient solution to on site problems.



Public Services: Non-Emergency PD

Usage: Citizens can text pictures and videos of situations in real time, and they can also report matters anonymously and discreetly.

ROI: Non-emergency scenarios can be conveyed more meaningfully and quickly.  Respondents will have access to better information and can be better prepared based on real time feedback from the citizens on the scene.

Retail:  Increased Walk-in Traffic

Usage: Giving consumers a quick and easy way to check for in store availability by texting the items they want and desire now allows local stores to capitalize on impulse buyers.

ROI: Personal interaction that is quick and to the point with customers increases brand loyalty, captures impulse buyers and enhances customer experience.



Non-profits :  Streamlined Donations & Accessibility

Usage: Run local or national donation campaigns easily using the local or national phone number already used and recognized by donors. The number never changes and can be used over and over again for campaigns time and time again.

ROI: Increase Donations by making it quick, convenient and accessible to mobile users.

There are use cases in almost every industry!

From health care to collections.

From insurance to distribution.

From logistics to technology.

From food service to retail.

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Benefits are many.

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