If It Is Written, It Is …

Presenting the Written Word with the Aid of Technology

The power of words never ceases to amaze. With one kind word to a friend, you can lift their spirits to greater heights, taking them out any rut they may have previously been in. With one kind word to a lover, you can make them feel as though they are the most adored person in the world, and if your words are true, then they truly are. It??s amazing to think that arranging letters in certain ways can result in such meaningful occurrences, but that is the mystical power of the written and spoken word. Humanity??s love affair with the written and spoken word has only continued to blossom as the years have gone by, and proof of that is evident in the way that society has constantly strived to innovate the way in which these words are presented.

Words have been presented as lines in books and as lines in movies. They are artfully patterned one after the other, and in sequence they form a blissful collection of sounds that speak to the progressive nature of human culture, but these days, presenting words within books simply seems to be a bit too ordinary. While there is still certainly something magical about a well-written book and the aesthetics of seeing the dried ink upon the page, there is also something to be said about a relatively new medium that presents words through more technologically-inclined means.

Texting is the relatively new medium of communication that I am talking about and there is no doubt that it really is redefining the way in which the written word is being presented. Prior to the introduction of texting, people still used letters and envelopes to send messages in written form to people they were not immediately in contact with. Texting has changed that, and it has led to a more convenient communication experience for all.

Texting has been around for well over two decades so it is no new entrant to the communication game, and in that time it has only become increasingly popular. It has become popular enough that companies are now instituting business texting plans to communicate with clients. Texting is no longer considered as a novel form of communication that is likely to fall by the wayside sometime soon. It has clearly shown that it possesses staying power and everyone from the casual texter to the corporation can recognize. Business texting is just the latest incarnation of this medium of communication and there are certainly more to come in the future.

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