We make your phone numbers SMART !

Have you checked the pulse of your existing phone lines lately?

Give your current phone lines a new lease on life with txtmeQuick!

Up until now it just wasn’t possible to text a a business phone number, weather VoIP, POTS or a virtual number. Sure, some claim to be able to do this, with smoke and mirrors. Those either don’t work or use an app with a very limited audience to allow this action.

The truth of the matter is that if you pick up your mobile phone right now and text your favorite business using the business phone number found in online or offline directories, the business will not get the text, let alone respond to you.

Unless the business phone line you texted has become SMART, using txtmeQuick’s patent pending technology.

When a business upgrades its phone numbers to be SMART, it opens the door to a host of opportunities afforded by better communication. Along with a long list of features like photo text, video text, GPS tracking, seamless and limitless API integration, Artificial Intelligence and Auto Responses there is little reason not to give your phone lines a breath of new life.

It is simple to get started and it will make your life simpler once you do by giving you a smarter and quicker way to communicate. No new phones, software, hardware or downloads. Get instant access to the texts people have already sent you by logging in to our web based console using your tablet, desktop or laptop.

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