Text Messaging Is Continually Relevant

Although phones are antiquated, there is a reason why businesses still have them and cannot afford to give them up now or anytime in the future. Besides for chat sessions on the internet, phones are the only way customers can come in direct contact with businesses in real time for real answers.

txtmeQuick changes all that by giving the lion share of the U.S. population carrying a mobile device – 303 million mobile users to be exact, direct access to the businesses they want to engage with, using a communication medium the majority of consumers prefer, texting.

Consumers carry their mobile phones with them 15 to 24 hours per day, your business is only a finger touch away from the reach of millions of potential clients, engaging them and empowering to do business with you, easily and conveniently, from anywhere –and– on the go. The mobile channel has been delivering basic communications to billions of people worldwide. The stats clearly show texting is at the center stage.

The only reason why it has not happened yet is because it has not been possible. It is only a matter of time before Enterprise Enhanced Messaging is incorporated on to every business phone line. Reap the benefits of being a league ahead of your competition, and get started today.

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