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“Now, more than ever companies must utilize and actively embrace new technologies in order to survive and grow.”

– Forrester Research

There are many solutions to accomplish the goal of attracting, retaining and building connections with customers.  The hard task is deciphering which one works and which others could drain your organization’s money and resources without creating a positive impact.

With the lion’s share of the U.S. population carrying a mobile device (303 million devices to be exact) and given that the average mobile user carries their devices with them up to 15 hours daily, your business is only a finger touch away from the reach of millions of potential customers.  Empowering to do business with you easily and conveniently, from anywhere –and– on the go, could only help your business catch and keep customers.

The mobile channel has been delivering basic communications to billions of people worldwide. The stats clearly show texting is at the center stage.

 Text Messages To Call Ratios [by age group]

Number Text Messages Have Surpassed Number Calls

Text Messaging Still Growing As An Influx Of New Z Generation Are The Most Active Texters

Text Messaging Is The Top Use For Mobile Phones [even among smart phone users]

Smart Phone Peneration Account For 54% of Mobile Market

Show that phone numbers are still in use and they will be in use for a long time to come which has to do with market penetration for smart phones will never reach 100% – took 30 years for internet to get to where it is today. It will take just as long for smartphones to adapt to the culture and times

Usage of Apps: there are over a million Apps.  An average user, downloads 30+ Apps and only use 5 Apps regularly. to stay in someone’s forefront you have to spend a lot of time in marketing. Less then 100 in 1,000,000 have ever made it big and those that have have a very short life span. 1 year ago angry birds was a big thing, next year, most people may not even know what it is

Phones are labor intensive and not cost effective but they will be around. You cannot currently convey powerful convepts by voice alone. Adding enhanced messaging conveys more and does it in less time and with less money.

330 million mobile users. The mobile phone is the next computer, but it will take time.

Value of using your own number to communicate is significant because it is published in every directory on every business card on every letterhead leveraging that for your own use is very valuable so valuable that it is your 2nd most valuable asset aside form real estate.

Graph that shows the amount of time that is spent on an average call: Sales, customer service, human resources, support.

In the same amount of time you can handle multiple ones when using Enterprise Enhanced Messaging

Having different moralities of communication is valuable this is why we use email faxes and this one is significant and valuable to your business. IT service value to your customers it is one of the few that cuts your business costs. Outside of voice calls, text messaging is the most prevalent of communication. Because it is available everywhere: show the graph that 78% have access to internet or the computers. Half have broadband access over 303 million have cell phones on their person for more than 15%. And over 89% have unlimited text messaging whether they have a smart phone or not. Outside of phone calls the most accessible communication medium is text and add to that that it is available anytime anywhere it becomes the star modality of communication.

From the sales perspective, how over 93% spend less than 10% of their income online shopping. How twitter and Facebook is not a place for business because business is done one to one and these are built for one to many and many to many. We do our socializing on social networks and conduct business in private.

The growth trend of text is key 820% in the last five years. Though text messaging has been around for 27 years. That is more than anything else including iPhone growth. Trumps every industry and growth statistic since the history of business and beginning of time.

Having a platform allows them to do a lot more than just communicate, conduct transactions, operational logistics and to do it securely. Except the reach is more than the internet. It is accessible to all mobile users not just smart phone users or web users.

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