Relationships Explained: Market Presence & Business Texting

The Internet and the mobile phone are two products of the improved technology that people now get to enjoy on a daily basis, and people really are making it known that they are enjoying them. Several market outlets indicate that the typical consumer can spend up to 2.1 hours a day on the Internet. That’s the average figure, and it actually seems somewhat slow even if you take into account the number of hours that people spend at work or asleep. Couple that figure with the number of hours that people spend with near their mobile phones on a daily basis (around 15 hours) and you get a total of about 17 hours that people spend getting to know these two products of technology. Read into those numbers what you will, but for a business, that just translates to more opportunities to generate business.

Succeeding in the business world requires a sound strategy, innovative ideas, and a collection of hardworking individuals that can band together to form a cohesive unit, but there’s one more element that can’t be neglected, and that’s having superior market presence. You see, a particular company can be in possession of the most cunning strategy, the most groundbreaking ideas and even of the most industrious workers, but they can still fail if the people they want as customers don’t even know they exist. You can argue that accounting for market presence should be included in the strategizing part of the program, but it’s important enough to be quantified all by itself. So how then does a business address the issue of market presence and being there for their customers. The answer at this point is pretty obvious. With technology flourishing all around society, businesses would be wise to acknowledge the trend and to take advantage of it for their own market presence-based gain.

Companies are actually already starting to capitalize on the popularity of mobile phones and the Internet. Companies are placing a great deal of attention to advertising online and numerous companies have also begun to institute business texting within their organizations. The implementation of business texting within an organization allows them to stay in contact with their customers while simultaneously providing a more accessible communication channel for their customers to use. It’s a win-win scenario for both sides. Business texting gives individuals a way to reach companies faster, while the companies can use it to obtain their desired level of market presence.

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